About Us

img_1736Hello and welcome to Magical Strollers! Thank you for visiting our site and we hope that you have found all of the information that you need!

We would like for you to know a little bit of information about the people that you are renting equipment from. We have been working in the parks for 7 years and have spent many days with our own children there. We have an affiliated company named Dream Tours. Dream Tours provides just that, dream tours for adults and children with special needs. We have several programs, one of which provides extremely affordable and accessible group trips for adults who have developmental disabilities from around the country. We also sponsor families that have children with special needs to enjoy a magical day in the park.

Due to our time spent in the parks, both personally and professionally, we are experts on the needs of different people in the parks. One need that we have noticed is the need for better alternatives in stroller and wheelchair rentals. Not only for pricing, but for fully meeting the needs of families who wish to enjoy a stress-free day AND night on their vacation.

We have watched countless children squirm in the hard plastic rental equipment and seen so many dragging, miserable adults and children exiting the park without rental equipment. The need for rental companies is high for many reasons. While being in the park is magical and wonderful, it is exhausting. We noticed this need and decided that helping families enjoy their magical vacation in another way would be wonderful! We have assisted many people in special ways and we are excited to be able to assist you as well!

We take great pride in professionalism and guarantee that the utmost care and concern is taken in every piece of rental equipment; every time. We know what we would expect for our children and for our special guests, and we offer nothing less to every customer that we happily serve. Our goal is to ensure that every customer that we work with is fully satisfied and that their needs are met. We are very proud to offer affordable, top of the line equipment to you and your family.

We are always happy to hear your compliments and concerns. If you have any information that you would like to share with us, please contact us and we will reply at our earliest convenience!