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*Add these items when booking a Single or Double Stroller or Crib or Wheelchair rentals

Dasani 12: img $8 (24 pack)
Zephyrhills: img $8 (24 pack)
Nestle: img $8 (24 pack)
Vitamin Water: img $15
Coke: $8 (12 pack)
Diet Coke: $8 (12 pack)
Spray Sunscreen SPF 50: $9
Kids Sunscreen SPF 50: $9
Waterproof Disposable Camera: $13
A gallon of Milk: img $5.50 (a gallon)
Diapers: img Please email size- $35
Tampons: img $9
Nature Valley Granola Bars: img $4
Cheerios 18 oz. box: img $5
Bagels: img $4.50
Fruits and Vegetables: img Email us your seasonal vegetable and fruit requests and we will get what is available. Prices vary
Name a grocery product:- If they have it we will get it. img Prices vary