Disney – Funsport Playard, Winnie the Pooh Bee Cuddly

1-3 Night Rental: $50.00 Total
4-7 Night Rental: $65.00 Total
8-10 Night Rental: $80.00 Total
11-14 Night Rental: $95.00 Total
*All rentals come with sheets free of charge. Mattresses come with a mattress pad. Sheets are sterilized after each use.**Rent an extra hypoallergenic and antibacterial mattress for an additional $7.00
Delight your little one at home or while traveling with a Disney playard/bassinet featuring Pooh and his fun friends. The Winnie the Pooh playard by Cosco features a comfortable bassinet for little one’s nap time and a removable canopy that shades out bright light while baby tries to sleep. The Winnie the Pooh playard sets up in less than a minute and later folds quickly and compactly for storage or transporting.



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Coke (12 pack)

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Rental Insurance

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