Why should we rent from Magical Strollers instead of Disney World or Universal Studios?

First, you will have your stroller for your entire trip. This is a huge bonus, especially considering the long walks to and from the parks (especially leaving the parks with tired children). Second, you will save a great deal of money! A rental at one park cost $13- $15 per day for a single stroller and $27 to $30 for a double!

Is the equipment cleaned and sanitized before delivery?

Yes, our equipment is always cleaned thoroughly and fully sanitized. We use a non-toxic, all natural cleaner on our products and that everything is cleaned with steam as well. We ensure that every item is sanitized exactly as we would for our own children.

Is the equipment checked for damage prior to the rental?

Yes, our equipment is always immediately checked for stains and damage when it returns from a rental.

Do the strollers have weight limits?

Yes, all of the strollers have a weight limit of 50 lbs.

How wide are the seats in the stroller?

13 inches

We will be staying at more than one hotel. Will this be a problem?

No, you can have a different location for the delivery and pick up of the equipment. During the rental process you will be asked about drop off and pick up locations. If you were unable to let us know then, simply give us at least 24 hours notice.

What if our hotel or vacation home is outside of your delivery area?

Depending on the location, delivery may still be possible to your hotel or vacation home at a charge, or we can arrange for delivery to another location.

What if I do not know how to operate the stroller?

There is a demo video located on our website that will show you exactly how to operate the stroller. We suggest that everyone views the demo video.

What if my stroller is stolen?

In many cases the stroller is not stolen, but has been relocated. There are park employees who constantly move and reorganize strollers. If you still cannot find your stroller after looking in different spots, you can go to guest services for assistance. If the stroller is in fact stolen please contact us immediately. If you have purchased rental insurance, then we will begin the claim process. If you have not purchased rental insurance with Magical Strollers, then you will be responsible for replacement as listed in the rental agreement. When you contact us, we will make arrangements to deliver you a replacement.

Is there any way to prevent theft?

Yes, there are several things that you can do to help prevent theft. Be sure to park your stroller in designated parking areas. Press the foot lever and securely lock the stroller. When parking your stroller, you can easily pop off the back tire and take it with you. You can also bring a scarf or something similar to tie around the handle bars of your stroller in order to make it more identifiable.

Do you keep track of recalls on your equipment?

Yes, we register all of our products which ensures that we will be contacted in the event of a recall. We also monitor the Juvenile Product Manufacturer Association (JPMA) regularly. You can visit http://www.jpma.org/ for more information.

How will I be able to identify my stroller from the others?

Every rental is clearly marked with your name and the company name. You can also bring a scarf or something similar to tie to the handles to make identification easier.

Are there any incentives for travel agents who are booking for clients?

Yes, we do offer incentives. Please contact us and let us know that you are a travel agent and we will discuss the details.

Do I have to be available when my equipment is delivered?

In many cases, no you do not. When staying at a resort or a hotel, we can often deliver to the bell service prior to your arrival. If you are staying at a vacation home, you must be present when the equipment is delivered.

Is gratuity included for the bell service if I have my stroller delivered to them in advance?

No, gratuity is not included for the bell service.

Is there a minimum rental rate?

No, there is not a minimum rental rate; however there is a minimum rate in order to receive free delivery. One and two rentals may have a delivery charge of $15 each way.