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How to Experience Disney World on a Budget


Disney on a budget

You’re thinking about taking your family on a vacation to Disney World, but have a tight budget? Here are a few tips on how to stay within your budget limit and still have a great time!

#1 – Drive (your own car)! Yes, this might be a long trip and it might require a stop or two in a motel… But, it will certainly be cheaper than to buy a flight ticket for each member of your family, then having to rent a car to get to Disney World!! Plus, this is a chance for your kids (and you!) to see some of the beautiful North American scenery and a road trip is always exciting for kids.

#2 – Off-season is the right time to go! Don’t plan your holiday in the peak season, prices will be more expensive everywhere and Disney resorts will be crowded! Not only will this be a cheaper option, it will also be more enjoyable for you and your kids.

#3- Budget hotel – Disney has a few budget hotels on property! They all boast free transportation to the parks and have pools! If you are happy to sleep in a Disney overdosed decor for a few nights, then this is cheaper option for you and your family!

#4 – Camping? Yes, you can go camping at Disney World! Fort Wilderness is a great campsite for you and your kids! It has free water transportation to the park, and a pool with water slides! The starting price for this option is $53!

#5 – Outside Disney. You can also stay in a hotel outside of Disney park and save quite a lot of money! Makes sure the hotel you choose has a shuttle to and from the park so you don’t have to pay for parking there.

#6 – Bring your own water and snacks! This is very important and often overlooked! Continuously brings drinks for the family under the burning Florida sun can quickly become very expensive! Refill your bottles at your hotel and bring them to the park! Bring snacks for you and your kids and avoid spending too much on extra treats.

#7 – Rain jackets – Yes in also rains in Florida! If you want to stay dry and not spend a little fortune on rain ponchos ($10 a piece) at Disney, pack your own!

#8 – Pool day? In Downtown Disney, hotels offer free access to their swimming pools! You’ll also find that your kids might enjoy playing with Legos at the Lego store in Downtown Disney.

#9 – Focus! Don’t try to do everything at once! Only buy tickets for one park and make the most of it! One park is already so big, there won’t be any time for you or your kids to get bored! One park a day, is a good way to go!

#10 – Rent a stroller from Magical Stroller Rentals instead of Disney! Disney stroller rentals are more expensive: $15 for one day and you can’t take them back with you to your hotel at the end of your day (which is when you might need it most!!). With Magical Stroller Rentals Florida you can keep your stroller for the whole duration of your stay, and it is cheaper than Disney!!

Fireworks Make Wishes Come True at Disney

wishes nighttime spectacular Disney

The Wishes Nighttime Spectacular at Disney Magic Kingdom is all about making wishes come true!

Come and marvel at the spectacle while the most famous and beloved Disney characters invite you to sing and wish upon a star.
Jimmy Cricket, Cinderella, Pinocchio, Ariel, Peter Pan and many more invite you along to the magnificent Cinderella Castle at 8:00pm for the biggest, most magical fireworks show of all!! You will hear each of them make a wish under the stars: Cinderella wishes to go to the ball, Pinocchio wishes to become a real boy, Ariel wishes to have real legs… You will sing along the most famous Disney songs and you will too be able to wish upon the starts. Will your wish become true? There is only one way to find out!

This is an incredible show about wishes coming true, it is sang and narrated by your favorite characters and boasts spectacular, bright lights upon the Cinderella Castle.  Don’t miss out on Tinker Bell’s flight above the castle and over the park during this breath taking musical as the most extravagant fireworks illuminate the sky at the end of the night. The whole park vibrates with the rumbling thunder of the fireworks, as blazing rockets race and explode into the sky in a multitude of sparkles and glowing colors.

No matter how many times you have seen this show, the magic of it makes it a worthwhile emotional experience for the whole family every single time. Be sure to prepare tissues as it will certainly bring you tears of joy and love, and will leave you with the best kiss goodnight Disney Resort could offer you during your holiday.

It is a free activity that lasts 12 minutes. You can stand in the Cinderella forecourt or surrounded bridges for the best view of the show.

Disney on a budget (Fort Wilderness Camping) – 6 things to know


Anyone who has been on a trip to Disney World will tell you that this is an experience that can become quite expensive if you don’t plan accordingly. Luckily for you, we have vast experience dealing with all Disney-related expenses so we will share with you a few tips that will make your Disney on a budget a reality!

Here are 6 things to know if you choose to save some money on lodging and opt for Fort Wilderness Camping:

1. Camping is the cheapest lodging option available
If you don’t want to say goodbye to a good amount of your money for a room you won’t be spending too much time in anyway, do consider Fort Wilderness Camping for your stay at Disney World. It will save you a lot and you fill find it quite satisfactory that you get exactly the same perks for being a Disney resort guest as visitors staying in a Disney luxury suite!

2. There’s complimentary transportation
If you are staying at Fort Wilderness, you get complimentary transportation to many Disney World areas. Besides, even if you want to drive there, you there are free parking options waiting for you in the Disney parking lots.

3. There are many sleeping options available
If you have chosen Fort Wilderness for your Disney stay on a budget, you can choose from many sleeping options available – there are tents, recreational vehicles, and cabins. Whatever option you choose, be sure that you will have everything necessary for a pleasant and memorable stay!

4. Fort Wilderness is, well… in the wilderness
Located in a natural setting, Fort Wilderness will not only make it look like you are in the wilderness (camouflaging electrical outlets to look like tree trunks, for example). It is actually a wild place so you may witness some amazing wild animals trying to get to know you better!

5. You can have tons of fun without leaving the camping site
Depending on the length of your stay and/or the general mood of your family on a certain day, you may not want to go to a Disney site and decide to stay at the campsite instead. Don’t worry that there will be nothing to do there! Fort Wilderness offers plenty of opportunities for your whole family to have fun – there’s the Campfire Sing-Along with Chip ‘n’ Dale that takes place each night, the Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue, Mickey’s Backyard BBQ, and even two heated swimming pools where both you and your children will surely have tons of fun!

6. Take a trip to any Disney resort
While you may not have the cash to spend a week at a Disney Deluxe resort, as Disney resort guests, you can check out any of the rest of the Disney resorts (and even get a FREE 3-hour parking permit for each one). This is a great opportunity to soak into the atmosphere each one is famous for and create memorable moments that won’t necessarily drain your credit card. There are numerous free activities you can enjoy like having a walk around the amazing themed pools, availing of fun photo opportunities or simply enjoying the surroundings!