“Magical Stroller Rentals were polite and professional. I was so overwhelmed with all of the choices at [the other company], but I was extremely pleased with my choice. I rented both a stroller and a crib. When I looked at the other rented strollers in Disney, I knew I made the right choice. The strollers were much cleaner, better looking and more well maintained in comparison to the other rentals with their little plaques. The crib was perfectly clean and well maintained. The bedding had no stains and even smelled sanitized! Thank you for the overall pleasant experience!
-Nancy L. from Ct

“Ryan met with me and took the time to show me how everything worked. The rentals are very simple to use which was pleasing, but I want to thank Ryan for the extra time and detail to answer my questions. My rental was great and my stroller even came with free accessories. I would highly recommend this company for your Disney needs”
-Anne Page, Savannah, GA

“My rental with Magical Strollers was superior. I needed a single, double, two cribs and a wheelchair. I have triplets and my mother in law was joining us who would have been exhausted if she walked our entire 5 day trip. Jackie answered the phone and she was so helpful. She went above and beyond to help me understand Disney transportation and timing, recommended restaurants and the best way to make reservations. She even spent a good amount of time giving me tips on the best way to manage the parks. I was so impressed. The strollers and cribs were so clean, I had no doubt my children were using germ free merchandise. The delivery guy showed me how everything worked and even offered to bring the crib into my room and set it up. I had to write to you because of the excellent service I received. Amazing.”
-Esmarelda Ruiz, Baton Rouge, LA

“So glad my husband and I didn’t have to carry our girls after dropping off a park rental… out of Magic Kingdom, up the ramps, in and out of the monorail… Thank you!!”
-Dana P., CA

“Thank you. Everything was great. When I saw the park strollers I was so happy I went with you guys. The waters and sodas were so much cheaper then at the hotel.”

“Ryan was such a help! He showed me how to take extra steps to prevent the stroller from being stolen and pointed out where everything was on the stroller. He gave me directions and tidbits about Disney and my hotel. He was so polite and kind. He really spent a lot of time with me and please tell him that he was right about Downtown Disney.”
-Paula B. from NJ

“Thank you for checking. Everything is perfect and I appreciate the extra accessories! Have a great night.”
-Paul from Clyde

“Coming to Orlando is always hectic, but the staff at Magical Stroller Rentals always go above and beyond! They even deal with my obsessiveness with care and consideration. The process was so simple. All I had to do was make my reservation and then I had nothing to worry about. They delivered right to my Disney resort and my equipment was waiting in my room. My day at Magic Kingdom was very busy. The ease and smooth handling of my equipment made fighting through the crowds a breeze. My stroller was so clean and so much better than the hard plastic rental I got in the past. The stroller folded up so easily and it was smaller than many strollers. It fit neatly in the resort closet when I did not need it. The fabric was soft and perfectly clean. As far as stroller rentals in Orlando go, this it the top. Thank you guys so much for making my experience so wonderful!
-Charlene S. from NY

“Planning for my Disney trip would have been a night mare! Magical Stroller rentals helped me in so many ways. I was able to complete half of my tasks just by visiting the site. I was able to get my rental equipment, tickets and transportation all at once. The service was great. The rentals were great. The planning for Orlando was so much easier. I couldn’t be happier.”
-Ryan T. from NY

“The stroller is perfect. I am so happy with the cleanliness and the unique color. My stroller is so much easier to find in the masses.”
-S. Gaston

“I want to thank Ryan and Magical Stroller Rentals for sending a rental out so quickly so that I could get to the park and enjoy the day with my children. It was so nice to see a company that responded so quickly and cared about my vacation. Thank you!”

-Marge McCoy, Central Valley, NY

“Thanks for making my Disney trip easier. The stroller was so helpful!”

-M. Sacoli

“I appreciate your flexibility. It is so difficult to stay on track with timing at Universal. Your kindness helped reduce my stress!”