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Celebrating Spring at Disney World resort!

International Epcot Flowers and Garden Festival

Come celebrate Spring at Disney World Orlando and treat your senses to a world of beautiful sensations with the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival! 

The International Flower and Garden Festival takes place every year at Epcot between March and end of May. This year will boast a plethora of new gardens, new characters topiaries as well as plenty of food and drinks for your best enjoyment! Taking place from March 1st to May 29th, this famous 90 days flower and garden festival is a fantastic way to spend some time away with your whole family.

You will be able to enjoy brand new “Princess” topiaries with the welcoming a Belle topiary from the “Beauty and the Beast” as well as a newly redesigned play garden inspired from “Cars” also introducing new characters. A six-foot tall topiary of Figment, the dragon mascot, will be a first in this flower and garden festival this year! Treat yourself and your family to delicious fresh food from the farm-market and taste some of the best cooking of the festival.
Garden Rocks concerts series will also expand to four days, from Monday to Friday, so you and your family can enjoy three different concerts featuring multiple genre musicians and welcoming new acts this year, such as Simple Plan or Exposé.

The Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival is a magical and inspiring way of spending time with your family and will leave you enchanted and light hearted.

Admission tickets to Epcot themed park are required to get access to the festival. These can be purchased directly on the official Disney World website.

‘Happily Ever After’ New Disney Nighttime Spectacular 2017

Disney new fireworks extravaganza. New nighttime show spectacular

You love Disney’s magical Nighttime Spectaculars? You would like to end your day at Disney World by a wonderful nighttime show by the Cinderella Castle? Then, you will be mesmerized by the new Nighttime Spectacular starting at Disney Magic Kingdom on May 12: ‘Happily ever after’ 

Newer, brighter, longer! The new ‘Happily ever after’ nighttime spectacular will replace the ‘Wishes’ nighttime spectacular for a more extravagant and beautiful show this year.
The story will showcase some of the most extraordinary adventures that your favorite Disney characters have lived to achieve their most passionate dreams. The villains will also be part of the show to push our heroes to the limit of their courage and faith for a more triumphant and explosive ending with fireworks!
More than just a new story, the show will also feature more projections, immersive lighting, and lasers than ever before for a more extravagant and inspiring experience.
The new ‘Happily ever after’ nighttime spectacular will also offer a longer experience for guests and will last a whole 18 minutes for your full enjoyment.

‘Happily ever after’ will feature some of the newest and dearest Disney stories and more Disney characters than ever before including:

  • Aladdin
  • The Lion King
  • The Little Mermaid
  • Moana
  • Mulan
  • Tarzan
  • Wall-E
  • Zootopia
  • Up
  • Frozen
  • The Incredibles

The new ‘Happily ever after‘ Disney nighttime show spectacular will transport you in a magical universe where a flying Tinker Bell will remind you that everyone can live happily ever after with a bit of little Disney magic. This wonderful extravaganza will be the jewel at the end of your day and will make your entire family dream of pixie dust, courage and adventure.


Pandora: the World of Avatar, the brand new Disney attraction!


Pandora: the world of Avatar

Walk into the magical universe of Pandora: the World of Avatar in May 2017 at Walt Disney World resort! This is a brand new world opening at Animal Kingdom’s park on May 27th, which will allow you to set foot into the extraordinary universe of the movie Avatar.

It is back in 2011 that the adventure starts, when Disney and James Cameron (Avatar’s movie director) join forces to bring the world of Avatar to life at Disney World Orlando. The attraction’s back story is set a generation after the movie when the indigenous population, the Na’vi, and the Resources Development Administration (DRA) were at war. In this new Pandora  at Disney World guests will be able to enjoy a conflict free planet where humans and the indigenous Na’vi live in peace. This world will transport you into a universe of bioluminescence, floating planets and alien wildlife.

Walk into the Valley of Mo’ara and discover the magnificent floating mountain ranges and enjoy its brand new rides:

  • Avatar flight of passage: learn to fly on a Mountain Banshee with a virtual simulator!!
  • Na’vi River Journey: a magical boat ride for the whole family that takes you on a gentle river where you will be able to discover the full beauty of Pandora.

This new Walt Disney experience will leave you mesmerized as you penetrate this wonderful alien world, full of colors and life, that celebrates the beauty of nature! You can purchase tickets for this new attraction now on the official Walt Disney World website. The tickets start at USD 99.50 for two days and decrease if you stay longer.

Brand new shops and restaurants are also opening at the location, making sure you never get bored! Come and taste some ‘alien’ cuisine with interesting flavors developed by Disney’s culinary team! This new attraction will bring joy to your whole family, making your holiday unforgettable.

Walt Disney Baby Care Centers: a Peaceful Haven!


Disney Baby Care Centre Maps

All parents traveling with little ones know that even if very gratifying, the whole expedition also comes with challenges!
Disney World Resorts are experts in making family travels as easy as possible. Therefore, if you are coming to Disney World with your baby, Baby Care Centers are your allies!

First of all, each theme park is equipped with one Baby Care Center making it practical and impractical at the same time as you could be quite far away from it even if it is within the park. However, the location of each Baby Care Center is marked on each theme park map, so you can easily plan time away from the crowd with your baby. Most Disney Baby Care Centers are located close to the First Aid Center and you can find signs directing you to them.

Each Baby Care Center is equipped with:

  • Air-conditioning
  • Private nursing room equipped with rocking chairs
  • Changing tables with unisex bathrooms
  • A feeding area equipped with highchairs
  • A kitchen with a microwave and oven and a sink.
  • A main room equipped with a television, sofa, chairs and a table.
  • An on-site shop providing various products for purchase such as, formula, diapers, wipes, baby food, sunscreen, over the counter medication, juice and clothing.

All Baby Care Centers are free to use and anyone with small children are allowed to use them.

These are real peaceful havens for you and your baby, where you can step away from the crowd, and noise, take some time to relax and take care of your little one. Baby Care Centers can make a real difference to your holiday, as you will not have to compromise between enjoying the park and being comfortable with your baby. They can transform what could be difficult times, real moments of joy.

New Ride Opening in April at Universal Studio!

Race through New York ride

If you are going to Orlando in April and plan on visiting Disney World, why not get a day ticket to Universal Studio at the same time and experience the brand new ride opening on April 6th at Universal Studio?

Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon is the brand new 3D attraction coming to Universal Studio. Get the ultimate “Tonight’s Show” experience by boarding one of a kind theatre and embark on a race against Jimmy Fallon himself racing through the streets of New York right up to the moon and back! Encounter iconic monuments of New York City such as the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building and get an adrenaline rush with this new attraction!
The theatre can accommodate up to 72 guests and will be the first-ever attraction at Universal Studio Florida to offer a Virtual Line experience! This new system will allow you to queue up for the attraction while enjoying other areas of the park. The device will alert you when it your turn to enjoy the attraction and to make your way back to it. This new device to Universal Studio will sound familiar to those of you using the MagicBands in Disney World Resorts. This band will be available at the kiosks outside the Universal Studio entrance and on the official Universal Studio application.

Moreover, from April 3rd to 6th the “Tonight’s Show” will come to Universal Studio Resort for recording therefore giving you the possibility to encounter the celebrities of the show.

Don’t miss out on this new ride!