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Live the Star Wars Adventure at Disney

New Star Wars themed land in Disney Hollywood studio

Are you a fan of the Star Wars saga? Have you always dreamed of meeting Chewbacca? Visit the Millenium Flacon spaceship? 2019 will give the chance to realize your dream!! First of all, Walt Disney World is working on a Star Wars land themed park opening in 2019 set at Disney Hollywood studios in which you will be able to immerse yourself in the world of Star Wars!! However, there are rumored plans that the world’s first official Star Wars themed hotel could be opening in the new Star Wars land too!

The hotel would give a complete immersive experience to guests over the course of two days. Indeed, guests would be able to take part in a two day narrative as the story unfolds over the course of their stay. Star Wars characters would roam around the hotel corridors and public area, therefore giving guests the chance to meet and interact with them. If you are the kind to get engaged into the storyline and want to immerse yourself in the Star Wars universe, various programs would be available for you to experience such as, lightsaber training, flight training, or ship exploration! Moreover, if you want to feel like one of the Star Wars characters, you would be able to engage in personalized secret missions both in the hotel and the Star Wars themed park!!

The hotel would include great amenities such as swimming pool, fitness center, water park and even robotic droid butlers!! All the meals during your two days stay would be included, buffet breakfasts, one lunch and dinners. The check-ins and check-outs would have set dates to ensure that all guests follow the same storyline at the same time!!

Disney has yet to confirm or deny the plans for this new attraction, but one thing is certain, the new Star Wars themed land is set to open in 2019 at Disney Hollywood Studios with or without this incredible hotel, so book your holidays in advance to enjoy this brand new world!!

Fast and Furious: Supercharged Opening at Universal Studio


New fast and Furious ride opening at Universal Studio Orlando
A new action packed ride
is coming to Universal Studio Florida in 2018: Fast and Furious: Supercharged!
Based from the famous and successful Hollywood movie, “Fast and Furious“, you will be able to immerse yourself in the world of underground races!

If you loved the movies, then you will be thrilled about this new attraction at Universal Studio Orlando! You will be able to discover the headquarters of the Fast and Furious team, check out some of the high-speed cars used in the movies, and get onto an adrenaline packed ride in customized cars along with your favorite Fast and Furious movie characters.

The ride will take you on a race exceeding 120 miles per hour with the most innovative super realistic special effects! The super high quality 3D-HD imagery will be projected onto huge 360 degrees screens for an unforgettable thrilling experience!

This new amazing ride will replace two attractions: Disaster: A Major Motion Picture Starring You, and Beetlejuice Graveyard Review which will be closed permanently.

The new Fast and Furious: Supercharged ride will open at Universal Studio Orlando in 2018. More details about the exact opening date will be released by Universal Studio Orlando later on.

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New Security Arrangements at Disney World

Disney recently announced the opening of a new screening system at Disney Magic Kingdom.

With the view of improving security and making the whole process more fluid, Walt Disney has moved its checkpoint of its most visited themed park, Magic Kingdom, from its front gate to the Transportation and Ticket center. This means that visitors will go through metal detectors as well as bag check before boarding the monorail or ferry to the Magic Kingdom park. For visitors arriving by Bus another bag check has also been created. The new security checkpoints have opened Monday 3rd April!!

These new security arrangements now make the monorail and ferry services at Magic Kingdom, part of the theme park’s secure zone. Moreover, visitors boarding at the different monorail resorts will have their own security bag checks prior boarding. This new checkpoints lay out will significantly spread the load of people coming through and thus help reduce the wait lines!

This new arrangements means that you will be able to enjoy a fully secure park with your family and spend less time waiting to have your bag checked and more time enjoying the magic of Disney. It is also worth noting that moving the security checkpoints closer to the car parks will allow you and your family to drop forbidden items back in your car, such as selfie sticks, or costumes without having to take the monorail or ferry back and go through the security wait lines all over again!

For those traveling with little ones, carrying your own or rented strollers, this is bound to be a major improvement to your holiday at Disney!