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Great Tips to Survive New Years Eve at Disney World

New years eve at Disney World

If you thought that most people would want to stay at home with their family during the Christmas holidays, think twice. Christmas and New Years are some of the most (if not the most) popular times of the year! In fact, the parks can get so overcrowded that they have to close at regular times.

So if you’re planning on spending your end of the year holidays at Disney World, then these few great tips might help you avoid melting down in the parks.

  • There is no way to avoid crowds at this time of the year! So you need to be prepared for long lines and crowded pictures. However, if you get to the park early (when it opens) and stay late (when it closes) you will be able to experience the park at its less crowded times. The earlier it opens the less busy it will be at that time and the later it closes the less busy it will be at that time too! So be prepared for early rise and late nights!
  • Have a nap!! If you’re going to follow the less crowded options, then you’re unlikely to stay out all day… Or you might die of exhaustion by the second day. To avoid this unfortunate event, go back to your hotel room and take a nap around midday.
  • If you’re planning on having lunch in the parks, then avoid normal lunch hours where you will have to queue to get to a restaurant. Eat as soon as the restaurant opens or later in the afternoon, around 3pm or 4pm.
  • Don’t to go the most obvious restrooms you find!! Unless you’re willing (and capable) of waiting in line for a good 30 minutes to go to the restrooms, it’s best to avoid going to the ‘main’ most obvious ones. Look at your map and find restrooms that are off the beaten track! These will be less crowded and quieter!
  • Hire a stroller! If you’re going with your kids, it might be quite a challenge to get through the day for both them and you! Do your kids and yourself a favor and hire a stroller from Magical Stroller Rentals. You’ll be able to go in and out of the parks with the same stroller and your kids will be comfortable all day long.

A True Family Holiday: Bring Your Pooch to Disney World

Disney World resorts welcome dogs

Just like hundreds for families around the Unites States, you probably have an adorable family pooch that neither you or your kids want to leave behind when you go on your family holiday!

From October 15th Walt Disney World guests are allowed to bring their adorable, leash-trained, well-behaved and properly vaccinated dog with them to selected hotels within the resort for a nightly fee going towards cleaning after their stay.

  • Disney’s Art Animation Resort: $50 per night
  • Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Resort: $50 per night
  • Disney’s Cabin at Ft. Wilderness Resort: $50
  • Disney’s Yacht Club Resort: $75

Your pooch will get its perks too when checking-in at one of those resorts. Your dog will get a Pluto’s Welcome Kit offered by the hotel including a mat, dog bowls, plastic disposable bags, puppy pads, a pet ID tag, and a map with all the dog walking paths in the resort. Your pooch will even have its own “Do Not Disturb” hanger to let the hotel staff know there is a dog in the room. Each resort offers easy access specific green areas for owners to walk their dogs!

In order to avoid health issues for guests allergic to dogs or who simply do not wish to be disturbed by pets during their stay, the resorts have dedicated specific floors for pets, therefore ensuring people with allergies will never get assigned a room on that floor!

Make sure you book in advance to be allocated a pet friendly room and since you’re likely to travel with your little ones, don’t forget to rent a stroller from Magical Stroller Rentals to make your vacation at Disney even more relaxed and enjoyable!

Great Tips for Surviving Disney during Thanksgiving

thanksgiving at Disney

November is usually a pretty quiet time at Disney World Orlando, except for Thanksgiving week! Your kids are out of school, it’s a family holiday, so you’re thinking that planning a holiday at Disney World resorts for Thanksgiving is a great idea! Well, many other families have had the exact same idea and the parks quickly crowd up during that week.

If you don’t want your happy family time to turn into a real nightmare, here are a few survival tips for your thanksgiving trip to Disney World:

  • Arrive early: Thanksgiving week is one of the busiest time of the year for Disney, so make sure you arrive at the gate at least one hour early so you can enjoy the rides and entertainment before the crowd moves in! If you’ve never been to Disney, this will allow you to get a great feel of the place and feel more comfortable with your kids being over excited for their first Disney experience too!
  • Pick your park wisely: depending on entertainment, parks might get busier than others on different days. Try to stay alert on which day to chose a park to avoid the biggest crowds. Avoid park hoping as this will make your life hell, especially if a park gets to capacity.
  • Plan ahead: this is especially true during busy times at Disney World! The parks are huge, the entertainments, rides and shows plentiful and you can quickly end up dispersing yourself and not achieve anything. What is your (or your family’s) priority? Rides, parades, shows? Make sure you make a plan of what you absolutely want to do before you get to Disney World and stick to it once you’re in there!!
  • Dine outside meals times: restaurants during Thanksgiving week will be extra crowded and waiting times extra long! If you avoid usual meal times, you can cut your waiting time by quite a lot! Make sure you eat a big breakfast as to be able to have a late lunch, or even better, pack your lunch if you can!
  • Rent a stroller: long crowded days at Disney can be extremely tiring for the little ones! Make sure you rent a stroller from Magical Stroller Rentals as you will get a better value than with Disney strollers. Whether you are staying in the park or outside, you won’t need to give your stroller back until the end of your stay!

How to Experience Disney World on a Budget


Disney on a budget

You’re thinking about taking your family on a vacation to Disney World, but have a tight budget? Here are a few tips on how to stay within your budget limit and still have a great time!

#1 – Drive (your own car)! Yes, this might be a long trip and it might require a stop or two in a motel… But, it will certainly be cheaper than to buy a flight ticket for each member of your family, then having to rent a car to get to Disney World!! Plus, this is a chance for your kids (and you!) to see some of the beautiful North American scenery and a road trip is always exciting for kids.

#2 – Off-season is the right time to go! Don’t plan your holiday in the peak season, prices will be more expensive everywhere and Disney resorts will be crowded! Not only will this be a cheaper option, it will also be more enjoyable for you and your kids.

#3- Budget hotel – Disney has a few budget hotels on property! They all boast free transportation to the parks and have pools! If you are happy to sleep in a Disney overdosed decor for a few nights, then this is cheaper option for you and your family!

#4 – Camping? Yes, you can go camping at Disney World! Fort Wilderness is a great campsite for you and your kids! It has free water transportation to the park, and a pool with water slides! The starting price for this option is $53!

#5 – Outside Disney. You can also stay in a hotel outside of Disney park and save quite a lot of money! Makes sure the hotel you choose has a shuttle to and from the park so you don’t have to pay for parking there.

#6 – Bring your own water and snacks! This is very important and often overlooked! Continuously brings drinks for the family under the burning Florida sun can quickly become very expensive! Refill your bottles at your hotel and bring them to the park! Bring snacks for you and your kids and avoid spending too much on extra treats.

#7 – Rain jackets – Yes in also rains in Florida! If you want to stay dry and not spend a little fortune on rain ponchos ($10 a piece) at Disney, pack your own!

#8 – Pool day? In Downtown Disney, hotels offer free access to their swimming pools! You’ll also find that your kids might enjoy playing with Legos at the Lego store in Downtown Disney.

#9 – Focus! Don’t try to do everything at once! Only buy tickets for one park and make the most of it! One park is already so big, there won’t be any time for you or your kids to get bored! One park a day, is a good way to go!

#10 – Rent a stroller from Magical Stroller Rentals instead of Disney! Disney stroller rentals are more expensive: $15 for one day and you can’t take them back with you to your hotel at the end of your day (which is when you might need it most!!). With Magical Stroller Rentals Florida you can keep your stroller for the whole duration of your stay, and it is cheaper than Disney!!

Walt Disney Baby Care Centers: a Peaceful Haven!


Disney Baby Care Centre Maps

All parents traveling with little ones know that even if very gratifying, the whole expedition also comes with challenges!
Disney World Resorts are experts in making family travels as easy as possible. Therefore, if you are coming to Disney World with your baby, Baby Care Centers are your allies!

First of all, each theme park is equipped with one Baby Care Center making it practical and impractical at the same time as you could be quite far away from it even if it is within the park. However, the location of each Baby Care Center is marked on each theme park map, so you can easily plan time away from the crowd with your baby. Most Disney Baby Care Centers are located close to the First Aid Center and you can find signs directing you to them.

Each Baby Care Center is equipped with:

  • Air-conditioning
  • Private nursing room equipped with rocking chairs
  • Changing tables with unisex bathrooms
  • A feeding area equipped with highchairs
  • A kitchen with a microwave and oven and a sink.
  • A main room equipped with a television, sofa, chairs and a table.
  • An on-site shop providing various products for purchase such as, formula, diapers, wipes, baby food, sunscreen, over the counter medication, juice and clothing.

All Baby Care Centers are free to use and anyone with small children are allowed to use them.

These are real peaceful havens for you and your baby, where you can step away from the crowd, and noise, take some time to relax and take care of your little one. Baby Care Centers can make a real difference to your holiday, as you will not have to compromise between enjoying the park and being comfortable with your baby. They can transform what could be difficult times, real moments of joy.

The My Disney Experience Online App – 9 things you need to know

The My Disney Experience Online Guide and App make are the best (and most convenient) way to plan your Disney trip and manage all the details in one place. Whether you are on your computer, using the My Disney Experience Online Guide or on your phone, using the My Disney Experience Online App, you have all the tools and features you need for a stress-free Disney vacation planning.

Here are 9 things you need to know about Disney’s official app:

1. There are interactive, GPS-enabled maps that make exploring Walt Disney World Resort and browsing through attractions and dining options a real breeze. This big update to the My Disney Experience app was launched in 2016 and is one of the greatest features of the app. The navigation works pretty much like Google maps and helps you get directions both inside the Disney parks and across the entire Walt Disney World property!
2. With its help, you can not only purchase your theme park tickets, but you can also easily access real-time wait times (the coolest feature of the app according to seasoned Disney visitors). What’s more, you can check Disney character greetings available, parade show times, and many more Disney events!
3. A super handy tool for exhausted parents and (always) hungry toddlers and children is the ability to browse through restaurant menus, check working hours, find a table, and make dining reservations in minutes (and even change your current ones). If that’s not convenience, we don’t know what is! Plus, you can filter the restaurants results by cuisine, guest rating, price range (per person), service type, etc.
4. The My Disney Experience Online App makes it possible for you to share and download your Disney PhotoPass photos (and videos). But you will have to have purchased your Memory Maker first (it will allow you to download as many photos and videos as you want – taken by the Disney’s official PhotoPass photographers).
5. Here’s why this is the only app you’ll ever need during your Disney trip: it helps you search, sort, and even filter the many different Disney activities by criteria like wait times, distance and even height requirements! How cool is that?
6. The FastPass+ feature is beyond praise. Once you get your Disney park tickets, you will be able to choose FastPass+ experiences up to 30 days in advance! And if you are staying at a Disney Resort hotel, this period is stretched to up to 60 days prior to your check-in. And the best part? You can combine your inside information about wait times with your FastPass+ advantage – just make a reservation from your app in advance and attend the attraction during your return window!
7. The interactive park maps are super easy to use (and very convenient as well). They show so much more than the paper ones. What, with waiting times, attractions descriptions, dining options, characters and everything. You can also check your current location, which is very useful for inexperienced Disney visitors.
8. Another super convenient feature allows you to add reminders for performance times of fireworks, parades, etc. to your daily plans so you never miss the next sweet bite of Disney entertainment!
9. Oh, and you can share your Disney plans with others thanks to the Family & Friends feature. Because what is a great Disney experience if you can’t share it with the ones you love?

Disney on a budget (Fort Wilderness Camping) – 6 things to know


Anyone who has been on a trip to Disney World will tell you that this is an experience that can become quite expensive if you don’t plan accordingly. Luckily for you, we have vast experience dealing with all Disney-related expenses so we will share with you a few tips that will make your Disney on a budget a reality!

Here are 6 things to know if you choose to save some money on lodging and opt for Fort Wilderness Camping:

1. Camping is the cheapest lodging option available
If you don’t want to say goodbye to a good amount of your money for a room you won’t be spending too much time in anyway, do consider Fort Wilderness Camping for your stay at Disney World. It will save you a lot and you fill find it quite satisfactory that you get exactly the same perks for being a Disney resort guest as visitors staying in a Disney luxury suite!

2. There’s complimentary transportation
If you are staying at Fort Wilderness, you get complimentary transportation to many Disney World areas. Besides, even if you want to drive there, you there are free parking options waiting for you in the Disney parking lots.

3. There are many sleeping options available
If you have chosen Fort Wilderness for your Disney stay on a budget, you can choose from many sleeping options available – there are tents, recreational vehicles, and cabins. Whatever option you choose, be sure that you will have everything necessary for a pleasant and memorable stay!

4. Fort Wilderness is, well… in the wilderness
Located in a natural setting, Fort Wilderness will not only make it look like you are in the wilderness (camouflaging electrical outlets to look like tree trunks, for example). It is actually a wild place so you may witness some amazing wild animals trying to get to know you better!

5. You can have tons of fun without leaving the camping site
Depending on the length of your stay and/or the general mood of your family on a certain day, you may not want to go to a Disney site and decide to stay at the campsite instead. Don’t worry that there will be nothing to do there! Fort Wilderness offers plenty of opportunities for your whole family to have fun – there’s the Campfire Sing-Along with Chip ‘n’ Dale that takes place each night, the Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue, Mickey’s Backyard BBQ, and even two heated swimming pools where both you and your children will surely have tons of fun!

6. Take a trip to any Disney resort
While you may not have the cash to spend a week at a Disney Deluxe resort, as Disney resort guests, you can check out any of the rest of the Disney resorts (and even get a FREE 3-hour parking permit for each one). This is a great opportunity to soak into the atmosphere each one is famous for and create memorable moments that won’t necessarily drain your credit card. There are numerous free activities you can enjoy like having a walk around the amazing themed pools, availing of fun photo opportunities or simply enjoying the surroundings!