Wheelchair Rentals

1-3 Night Rental: $35.00 Total
4-7 Night Rental: $70.00 Total
8-10 Night Rental: $100.00 Total
11-14 Night Rental: $120.00 Total

Do not wait until you arrive at your vacation spot to rent your wheelchair. The entry and exit to a theme park is a long and draining process to those in need of a wheelchair. Save time, trouble and money by pre-ordering your wheelchair rental and have it delivered *free of charge to your resort or vacation home. With a wheelchair rental that stays with you on your entire trip, you no longer have to worry about the discomfort and difficulty of standing on crowded buses and monorails, dragging at the end of a long day to your destination, and of course, standing and walking for miles in discomfort while on vacations. Your wheelchair rental will be lightweight, comfortable and accessible to buses, monorails, ferries and boats.


Strong and durable manual wheelchair to get around in the Orlando theme parks or where ever your adventure may take you. “No Flex” wheels, offer superior performance. This wheelchair is light weight and easy to fold and store. There are removable leg and arm rests. Adjustable leg rests are available upon request. Max weight of 250 pounds.

Traveler Wheelchair

The transport wheelchair is perfect for those who will have a pusher the entire time. This wheelchair is comfortable, light weight and easy to collapse. Weighing only 19 pounds, the transport wheelchair easily fits into a trunk and is simple to transport. It has removable leg rests that can elevate upon request.


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Other Essentials

Baby wipes

Bagels- Please email flavor/brand preference


Coke (12 pack)

Dasani (24 Pack)

Diapers- Please email size/brand preferences

Diet Coke (12 Pack)

Fruit-Please email preferences- Prices vary

Kids Sunscreen SPF 50

Milk 1/2 Gallon 2%

Milk 1/2 Gallon whole milk

Milk- 1 gallon- 2%

Milk- 1 gallon- whole milk

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Nature Valley granola bars- Please email any preferences

Nestle (24 Pack)

Spray Sunscreen SPF 50

Tampons- please email brand/size preference

Vegetables- Please email preferences- Prices vary

Vitamin Water

Waterproof Disposable Camera

Yogurt- Please email flavor/brand preferences- Prices vary

Zephyrhills (24 Pack)

Rental Insurance

Rental Insurance

Additional delivery fee for out of area may apply. Can be collected at time of delivery.